Down to Davy Jones

Ricky Bradshaw, Down to Davy JonesOnce more, our reluctant hero Ricky Bradshaw faces a life-threatening event. His mom is sick. Like, really sick. Desperate to try anything to get a miracle, and having watch the movie Jesus Revolution with his Mom, Ricky agrees to be baptized in a creek by the Pirate Preacher. But things go from bad to worse to apocalyptic when Ricky doesn’t come up for air. In the next moment, he’s on a ship with Jonah the prophet, in the middle of a raging storm.

Sensing that the gods want someone to be sacrificed, the crew of barbaric men ― none of whom are fond of bathing ― casts lots to see who’s gonna be the unlucky chump that goes into the sea. Ricky’s all like, “Don’t pick me, don’t pick me!” but before he can show his stick, Jonah steps up like the whale of a guy that he is. Except, surprise surprise, fate has other plans. The Kraken, Down to Davy JonesBecause out of nowhere, this giant octopus grabs Ricky and drags him down, down, down into the abyss. For a few harrowing moments Ricky and Jonah share a really tiny space in the gut of the Kraken. Then Ricky gets vomited out.

When Ricky finally washes ashore, he realizes he’s in the underworld, where the crew of the Flying Dutchman sails around collecting souls of the dead. And wouldn’t you know it, they want Ricky’s soul most of all. Talk about a bad day. But even a bad day in the underworld can be a fun, adventurous sail, when there’s love and sacrifice, demon-pirates and scores to settle, hope for a miracle and the chance to meet the one who made the wind and sea.

Down To Davy Jones is a fictional retelling of past pirate escapades based on future events.




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